Will FIFA 19 be available in Playstation VR?

Sony introduced a Playstation VR headset in 2016 and has added many interesting games to its roster. However, there hasn’t been one high profile game to take it to the next level.


Would it be enthralling for EA to take the brand new route and bring it to the VR?

The path would certainly be interesting. However, there are many questions to whether the VR headset can handle the intense graphics the FIFA game uses. But there is a huge possibility that EA could introduce FIFA 19 to VR albeit with slightly reduced level of graphics.

Despite the questions over the graphic quality, the overall experience of playing football in a 360 surrounding however, would bring a brand new experience to football gaming.

What mode would be best suitable for Playstation VR?

Football has always been a team game so, bringing around a game in perspective of multiple players would certainly be difficult. However, in Pro Clubs mode as well as Career Mode, the game certainly would provide a top notch experience.

Meanwhile, the biggest blockbuster would certainly be FIFA’s Journey Mode.

Imagine playing the game through the perspective of a player like Alex Hunter. The furry of running past defences in a 360 degree view whilst enjoying the different elements of life changing decisions in a player mode would certainly get the best out of PSVR.



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