Five Best FIFA 18 Formations to Play in FIFA Ultimate Team

Football is as much tactical as it is fun. Due to this managers play a key part in shaping up a lineup,planning,initiating and executing of a specific strategy to win games and leave their opponents bewildered.

FIFA 18 Best Formations

This is what makes football a beautiful game.It is no different in FIFA 18. Sometimes you may beĀ  playing with profound excellency but somehow find yourself ending up on the losing side. In such cases you have got to think outside the box and try different formulas and the rudimentary step to start is with change of formation.

Keeping this in due consideration,we here at have conjured up a list of crucial formations that you can try out to make your gaming experience a whole lot interesting.


This is the formation that is selling like hot cakes in today’s footballing market.What makes this formation great is that it is very-very flexible and can be changed depending on the opponent. If you are playing an opponent stronger than you then play like 5-2-1-2 not committing fullbacks and focus heavily on counter-attacks or a weaker opponent go all out 3-4-2-1 and attack all the way.


Who could forget the classic formation that has made Spanish sides Real Madrid and Barcelona rule the footballing miniverse for the past decade. This formation is so effective that PSG too have shown some immense class and mind boggling play with this formation. This formation is all about holding the play in midfield and having world class attackers. If the center of your midfield and the front three of your attacks has three greats of the game then this is the formation to go with.


Trust us when we tell you that although 4-5-1 may just sound plain wrong,a 5 man midfield is too hot to handle. If you are playing against a 4-3-3 try this formation atleast a couple of times and you might end up knowing what we are all about. In this formation the CAM with high work rate is needed ,someone who can play a false number nine as well as dictate play on the midfield.


There are in general two types of FIFA players-one kind is those that stick the ball in their feet like magnets and their plays revolve around having the ball. The other kind is those who that like to defend throughout the game,attack on counters. Generally with the second kind,we end up a man short on counters. This is the perfect formation for them as it helps you defend in midfield in addition to having a stone wall at the heart of the goal. It also ensures that two sharks are lurking around,sniffing for any chances they get to hit back.


This formation works with wing-backs who are physically sound and have monstrous stamina attributes. Most attacks begin with CAM in this position so ensuring that a playmaker with dribbling skills lies in this position is a must. This is the perfect formation for stepping players like Modric, Kroos, Pogba, Ozil, Silva among others a little above their position.

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