Five Best Chemistry Styles You Must Use in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team and their prices

Is the star of your team going through a barren run? Is your star defender a little slugish on turns? Is your best midfielder going through a rough patch? If so then they are in need of a upliftment and the best way to boost their attributes is to apply various chemistry styles to their play.

Players have an Individual Chemistry shown inside the apply consumables page in FIFA. You can check it in a bar that appears at the base of each player. To apply designated chemistry style at least 5 out of 10 is needed. If the player has 4 out of 10 the attributes stay the same and below that all attributes start to decrease.

FIFA 18 Chemistry Styles

Thus, apply chemistry styles only for players with chemistry styles 9 or 10 to get maximum throughout.

We at have compiled a list of chemistry styles for you to give the players the much needed upliftment:


Targeted For : Mostly defenders or in some cases slower CDMs.

Boost Offered:Acceleration: +10,Aggression: +10, Sprint Speed: +5, Interceptions: +5,Marking: +10, Standing Tackle: +10, Heading Accuracy: +10,Jumping: +10, Strength: +10

General Boost Offered:Defending, +2 Pace, +2 Physical

Total Price:1,500 coins


Targeted For : Any position

Boost and General Boost Offered:Revert to original status(Before applying chemistry)

Total Price:300 coins


Targeted For : CAMs,STs,RW,LW

Boost Offered: Vision: +15, Crossing: +10, Free Kick Accuracy: +10, Long Passing: +5, Acceleration: +15, Sprint Speed: +10 ,Short Passing: +10, Curve: +15

General Boost Offered:+3 Passing, +3 Pace

Total Price:1200 coins


Targeted For: Pacy STs and RWs,LWs who take on defenders

Boost Offered: Acceleration: +10, Sprint Speed: +5, Positioning: +10, Finishing: +5, Shot Power: +10, Long Shots Accuracy: +10, Volleys: +10, Penalties: +5, Jumping: +10, Strength: +5, Aggression: +10

General Boost Offered: +2 Pace, +2 Shooting

Total Price:1000 coins


Targeted For: CB,RB,LB to backtrack runs

Boost Offered: Acceleration: +15, Sprint Speed: +10, Interceptions: +10, Heading Accuracy: +10, Marking: +15, Standing Tackle: +15, Sliding Tackle: +15

General Boost Offered: +3 Defending, +3 Pace

Total Price:4500 coins


Targeted For: RB,LB,RL,LM to increase pace

Boost Offered: Dribbling: +15, Interceptions: +10, Heading Accuracy: +5,Agility: +5, Balance: +10, Reactions: +5,Standing Tackle: +10, Sliding Tackle: +10,Ball Control: +5

General Boost Offered: +3 Defending, +3 Dribbling

Total Price: 800 coins

Honorable Mentions: FINISHER(TP:550 coins),ENGINE(TP:600 coins),CAT(TP:650 coins),GLOVE(TP:300 coins), MAESTRO(TP:500 coins)

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