How the Betting Industry can rise for FIFA and Esports

With the world slowly heading towards the rise of esports, the betting world has made a shift as well. Fans feel they are a part of the sports they like to watch – even more so when they’re involved in betting their hard earned money on it.


The rise of Esports has seen a similar trance among the viewers. There is no scarcity of viewers either, in fact – the viewership for LOL, Counter Strike, DOTA, FIFA and other popular Esports games has increased so much in the past few years that there is a possibility of its inclusion in the Olympics by 2024.

The betting industry within esports has rose upto the value of 900 million dollars, as of now, but with the potential of a viewership of billions, with many shifting from traditional sports to it’s modern trance, there is a need for commercialization within the industry.

The recent creation of the Overwatch League certainly adds to it’s exponential growth, with increasing betting rates seen by the experts. It’s immersive and that is what the fans want from any fixture in any sport. The Drama is why the sports are often popular – and why fantasy games continue to grow.

FIFA hopefully follows suite and builds a franchise league for it’s massive gaming base. With million of purchases every year, FIFA has in fact set up a monopoly in the football simulation scenarios. It’s closest competitor – Pro Evolution Soccer is far behind the EA product in terms of sales, but the competition for FIFA now isn’t just within the football simulation world. Football is the most popular sport in the entire world, and it has a potential of billion attractions if it’s done right. What FIFA now should be targeting is it’s rapid rise in the Esporting world to go on and establish itself as a top Esport.

One particular way to do that is build a FIFA Franchise league for its gamers and open up commercialized betting for the entire world. Consequently, it will not only reap benefits from the sales from it’s already elite product but also benefit from non-gaming world who like to immerse themselves in the drama of sorrow and victory. After all, sports – esport or the traditional – is all about drama, hope and hunger.

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