FIFA 18 ratings: Top Ten best passers in FIFA 18

Passing makes playing FIFA entertaining. It is one of the basic skills in FIFA which if mastered can make a game very interesting and fun. Let’s look to the top ten great passers in FIFA 18.

10. Miralem Pjanic:


Right-footed Juventus midfielder is one of the brilliant passers in FIFA 18. His pass rating in FIFA is 86. He can be a great assister to score the goal in your career mode.

9. Andres Iniesta:

2010 world cup winning goal scorer is another great passer in FIFA 18. His great passing ability has helped his teams (Barcelona and Spain) grab a lot of trophies. If you like to pass a lot in FIFA, you will love the passing ability of Andres Iniesta. His pass rating in FIFA 18 is 87.

8. David Silva:

David Silva

With pass rating of 87, David Silva is one of the best players of FIFA players who likes to pass a lot. He has a great passing ability which will be an asset to your career mode team.

7. Mesut Ozil

Mesut Ozil

2014 world cup winner is another phenomenal passer in the world of football. His passing ability is admired by every football and FIFA fans around the world. You might want to include Mesut Ozil in your team in FIFA 18 if you are a passing player. His passing rating in FIFA 18 is 87.

6. Daniel Parejo

Daniel Parejo is another player in FIFA with great passing ability. You can just use Parejo’s ability in FIFA 18 to provide great assistance to score a goal. His passing rating in FIFA is 87.

5. Cesc Fabregas

Cesc Fabregas
The Spanish midfielder has shown his passing ability to the world and EA sports has made no mistakes in rating is passing ability as 88 in FIFA 18.

4. Kevin De Bruynede Bruyne

You can just create a lovely pass with De Bruyne in FIFA 18 and convert that pass into a goal. He has the passing ability of 88 in FIFA 18.

3. Toni Kroos

Toni Kroos
Every FIFA fan wants Toni Kroos in their team in career mode in FIFA because of his extraordinary passing ability. He has helped his national team win the World Cup 2014 with is passing ability. Creating best assist is an everyday job of Kroos which will be an asset to your team in FIFA 18. His passing rating is 88 in FIFA 18.

2. Christian Eriksen

Tottenham is performing well in Premier League because of the players like Eriksen who has the great passing ability. When it comes to passing ability in FIFA, Tottenham man comes second on the list with the rating of 88.

1.Andrea Pirlo

Italian midfielder is the greatest passer in FIFA 18. With the pass rating of 89, he stands in the first position. If you pass a lot in FIFA, you should probably buy Andrea Pirlo from New York City FC to your team in career mode to take advantage of his passing ability.

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